The J.O.S.H. Foundation

Joining Others Seeking Healing

The J.O.S.H. Foundation was created to serve those members of our community who have suffered the loss of a child with support, encouragement, healing, understanding, and comfort every day, one person at a time. We are committed to healing those touched by the loss of a child through remembrance initiatives and support services, honoring the memories we will always cherish.

Founded by Cindy Hughes, The J.O.S.H. Foundation began in memory of her 21 year-old son Joshua Hughes, who was tragically killed in an automobile accident in 2003. The pain experienced by Cindy and her family was indescribable. It is like no other, and can truly only be understood by those who have also lost a child, of any age, for any reason.

The J.O.S.H. Foundation would like to thank everyone that came out for this year’s Candlelight vigil.  We appreciate all of the continued support.

A special thanks to everyone that contributed to the refreshment table and  those who lent a hand in helping us set up and clean up after, we sincerely appreciate it. We look forward to seeing you next year, December 6, 2022. 

A special thank you to Tim Whiteman from Tilemasters for his continued support of The J.O.S H. Foundation. His generosity in providing his services in assisting us with the placement of the memorial tiles is greatly appreciated by all the bereaved families who share a part of their beloved angels with us on these beautiful pavers.


Your donation will help us fulfill and continue our current and future initiatives to keep the names and memories alive of our children who have gone too soon.

The J.O.S.H. Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts are tax deductible within the limits set by law.
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The J.O.S.H. Foundation
612 Falmouth Ct.
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