Angel Of Hope

The Angel of Hope was introduced to the world through the heart warming book, The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans, about a woman who mourns the loss of her child at the base of an angel monument. Although the story is mostly fiction, it is speculated that an actual angel monument existed at one time.

The book itself was such a treasure to readers that Richard Paul Evans began receiving correspondence requesting information about the angel monument. In response, he commissioned the first Angel of Hope monument to be built as a place for parents grieving the loss of a child.

The monument was dedicated in 1994, on December 6th, a date corresponding to the child’s death in the book. Since then, 140 other monuments have been erected throughout the world to serve as beacons of hope to parents who have faced the tragic loss of a child, no matter what age, no matter what cause. Each year at 7:00 p.m. on December 6th, parents, siblings, family members and friends gather together at the angel monuments across the world to celebrate the lives and mourn the loss of a child that left too soon. The original Angel of Hope Monument was erected in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Angel of Hope Memorial Garden in Eldersburg is the first angel monument in the state of Maryland. The monument is open to the public and offers hope to all of the bereaved families and friends throughout the state. In times of healing, parents often need a quiet place of solace to nurture their sense of loss, and to remember the life of their child. Perhaps even to honor their memory.

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The Christmas Box Angel of Hope – 100 Angels from Lisa Johnson on Vimeo.

The Angel of Hope gives parents, families and friends a place to:

Remember, honor and share their child who was taken too soon,
Open their hearts to all the treasured memories that are so important to everyone,
Know their child will never be forgotten, always loved and remembered in a place where this common bond connects us regardless of age, race, nationality, religion, social and economic status,
See their name and share their memory with all those who visit the angel – a place of HOPE.

The Angel of Hope Memorial Garden is located at:

South Carroll Senior and Community Center
5928 Mineral Hill Road
Eldersburg, Maryland 21784


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