Candlelight Vigil


We invite you to join us for the next candlelight vigil for the Angel of Hope statue and Memorial Garden. These annual vigils are held at angel memorials worldwide on December 6th, so that we can honor and remember our children that were taken too soon.

It’s comforting to know that others can understand and share in your pain especially during the holiday season while lighting a candle, reflecting and remembering their beloved child together with you.

The J.O.S.H. Foundation hosts the annual candlelight vigil each year and invites bereaved parents and their loved ones to join us in our ceremony, as well as our “Tree of Rembrance”, in which we invite you to place an ornament in memory of their beloved child.

Please join us in lighting a candle in remembrance of your angel each and every year on December 6th.

Contact us so that we can provide adequate candles, flowers and refreshments.

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~ by Christine Ross in memory of Lucas Christopher Ross 1979 – 2001

I gazed up at the statue
As I stood there at her feet.
The Angel of Hope was saddened.
Then she began to weep.

I watched her as a teardrop
Streaked slowly down her face.
I looked around at all the names
Surrounding her in this place.

I thought how weary she must be
From carrying every child
Across the sky to heaven,
Away from us, …for awhile.

I wondered why she was so sad.
She knew the children had a home.
It was then I realized that her tears
Were for us, …here all alone.

I felt it was a miracle
That a statue really cried.
Then teardrops fell upon the names
Of all the children that had died.

I turned my eyes to heaven.
The whole sky was shedding tears.
I had thought that these were raindrops
For so very many years.

The angel cried with me today
So did the children’s names in stone.
Their teardrops fell upon my skin
And I no longer was alone.

© 2008 – Christine Ross


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